Audition: Color Purple June 29, 30


Joyful Noisemakers, LLC is casting for season one (2010/2011) of the non-union National Tour of THE COLOR PURPLE. Gary Griffin, director; Donald Byrd, choreographer; Marsha Norman, book; Brenda Russell, Allee Willis and Stephen Bray, music and lyrics.; Stephen B. Kane and Michael McFadden, Producers; Mark Minnick, Casting.

Seeking: CELIE: female, 20s – 30s, insecure yet spirited, appears meek and timid  but has a tough interior, has been told she is ugly and thinks so, has a sense of humor, there is much behind her eyes, treated poorly for many years, she finds love and confidence to become an independent thinker, needs a strong, passionate,  belt singing voice, lead role; MISTER: male, 30s-40s real name is Albert, an outwardly attractive, dominant male presence, disrespectful, demanding  and abusive of people in his life, marries Celie, out of necessity and mistreats her, true feelings are  for Shug, realizes his errors and tries to make amends, strong vocalist with power, lead role; SHUG: female 30s-50s, a well known  singer, very charismatic, a sexy, confident and powerful female presence, irresistible to all , loved by and comforting to both Celie and Mister, needs a dynamic Bessie Smith- style, bluesy singing voice, featured; SOFIA: female, 30s-50s, powerful , humorous, independent warrior woman, physically larger with a presence to match, comfortable  and confident in her own skin, uses her sexuality, married to Harpo, will not accept mistreatment, strong belt singing voice, featured role; HARPO: male, 20s, Mister’s vulnerable, good-natured son, marries Sofia, torn between what he learned from his father and what he is learning from Sofia, learns to treat women well and becomes successful with his business, strong tenor singing voice,  featured role; NETTIE: female, 20s, an adventuresome, spunky and educated young woman, has a strong, unbreakable bond with her older sister, Celie, separated from Celie by Mister, she finds a new life  and calling in Africa, strong belt singing voice; SQUEAK: female, 20s, Harpo’s girl after Sofia leaves and until she returns, spunky, fun and sassy, opinionated and not easily intimidated, strong belt and soprano capability; OL MISTER: male 40’s – 60s, Mister’s father, owner of the farm and house that Mister works and lives on with Celie and his children, is an irritable, nasty, self-centered man, verbally abusive towards his son, telling him what is ‘right’, strong actor who sings;  CHURCH LADIES: big, strong personalities and presences, character women who are the busybodies of the town, they see everything and comment on everything, all different  types and ages, strong singers with comedic flair; ADULT ENSEMBLE SINGER/DANCERS: males and females 20s – 50’s, all  physical and vocal types, strong singing voices and personalities to play many ensemble roles and cover principal roles. All dancers should have strong vocal ability as well.


MONDAY, JUNE 29th 2009 – Open call for singers/actors starts at 10am

TUESDAY, JUNE 30TH 2009 – Open call for dancers who sing. Men at 10am. Women at 2pm.

Callbacks will be held later that week.

LOCATION: Chelsea Studios 151 W. 26th St. between 6th and 7th Ave. NYC, NY 10001


MONDAY, JULY 13TH 2009 – Open call for singers/actors starts at 10am

TUESDAY, JULY 14th 2009 – Open call for dancers who sing. Men at 10am. Women at 2pm.

Callbacks will be held on JULY 15th

LOCATION: Debbie Reynolds Studio 6514 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91606


MONDAY, AUGUST 3RD – Open call starts at 10am.

Callbacks will be held the same day

LOCATION: Lou Conte Dance Studio 1147 W. Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60607

The director will be in attendance and it is strongly suggested that you attend one of these calls.

* For all talent attending open call days – please email a picture and resume to MinnickCasting@; listing the city and date you are attending in the subject line and bring hard copies to the audition.

SEEKING: African American talent of all types with soulful, bluesy, gospel voices, raw passion, power, range and personality. Bring your picture/resume stapled together and sheet music with your best 16 bars in the correct key. Have other vocal selections prepared if asked. Competitive compensation package includes salary, perdiem, travel and housing. Contracts begin February 2010. Tour point of origin is NYC. Non-union performers over 18 years of age.

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