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June 25, 2009
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Resources for Artists

There are many Artist Service Organizations who are ready and willing to help you: writing for original work, find venues, plan your budget, give you a fiscal sponsorship so you can apply for nonprofit funding, even props and curtains!

Resources for Artists

New York Foundation for the Arts Now Hosts Regular Podcasts!

There are many Artist Service Organizations who are ready and willing to help you with: writing for original work, find venues, planning your budget, you’re a fiscal sponsorship so you can apply for nonprofit funding, even props and curtains!




Free Podcast Seminars for Musicians and the Music Business!

Need Space? Lower Manhattan Community Council’s Swing Space

Subsidized Space for Performers at Battery Dance

Space and Supplies for Visual Artists- Women’s Studio Workshop

Space and Supplies for Visual Artists- Women’s Studio Workshop

Author: Marie McKinney Co-Founder of NEC Rep and Acting Instructor, Founder of NEC Arts-in Ed, Alum of NEC: ca3mwb7h2 Puppet Play through Split Second, Lifetime Member of Thunderbirds. CEO Native Horizon..

Honor to pioneers of O.L. Duke, Douglas Turner Ward, Robert Hooks, Gerald Krone, Charles Weldon, Beverly Summers, Leslie Lee, Anthony Jones, Erik Kilpatrick, Marie McKinney
Frieda Nerangis…

Interview with NEC’s Artistic Director Charles Weldon and NEC Rep’s Marie McKinney on WHRC’s Soul Lounge

NEC Rep Program and Rep Members Page


Grants awarded to worthy art students, artists or sculptors who need further training or other assistance during their formative years.


LOWER MANHATTAN COMMUNITY COUNCIL grants for Arts in Education Deadline Extended: July 2, 2009

Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation Offers Travel Subsidies for 2009 Performing Arts Exchange Deadline June 30, 2009


National Association of Latino Arts and Culture Fund for the Arts Accepting Applications From Artists and Arts Organizations July 13, 2009

Emergency Funds for Artist and Writers

Grants for Documentaries

NYFA Jobs and Opportunities..and Discount Office Space…

Free Nonprofit webinars

Artist Residencies

Photography Grant

Arts-in-Ed Grants

Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Offers 2010 Individual Artist Fellowships
August 3, 2009 Deadline


Free Nonprofit Webinars

Grant Writing Workshops

New Grants For Writers Page!

Grant Listings for: space, projects, ideas, residencies, education

Dance Theater Workshop’s
Outer/Space Creative Residency for Artists- Request for Proposals

Foundation Center offers five plan levels with more than 1,100 distinct search terms indexed to help you find funders by subject areas and fields of interest. Search geographically by state, county, city, metro area, congressional district, ZIP code, and geographic focus of the funder

Expert panelists discuss the best social networks for developing a buzz for your products and services – Facebook, Twitter, LinkIn, MySpace, UTube and more. Audience Q&A at Thypin Oltchick Institute@FEGS

Grant Writing Workshops

New Grants For Writers Page!


$70,000 for Children’s Programs

Create your website with ease and little experience see how!
SAG and AFTRA agree on new commercials contract three-year increase in payments to performers totaling an estimated $36 million.

Cultural Organizations
NEC’s DOUGLAS TURNER WARD shares his interview with Leslie Lee and GIVES $1000 AWARD TO PLAYWRIGHT AT NYU

What’s new from NYFA, Artist Services Organization Want to Help you with Props, Rehearsal Space, Opportunities!!!

See the Negro Ensemble Company’s website: www.necinc.com
for more NEC NEWS

NEC Rep:Shaping The Actor’s Instrument: Marie McKinneyActor’s Intensive: Marie McKinney

NEC Lab: Positive Feedback on Original Works

Play Writing: Leslie Lee

Acting is Being: Erik Kilpatrick

Call or email for an Audition: necartz@gmail.com
NEC Rep members get 20% discount on the 2nd workshop taken, and 30% on the 3rd workshop taken…monthly meetup for members helping them partner with other top notch performers to create projects, opportunities and resources for their work.

Negro Ensemble Company
303 W 42 St Suite 501
NY, NY 10036
212 582 5860

Thank You,. You keep going in the face of day to day survival, those that don’t believe, search for finances. You keep creating new ways to make your projects happen by any means necessary. Thank you for everyday you get up to do all the things that no one knows you do. We are searching for resources, events and free stuff to help you succeed as an artist.

Marie McKinney

Thank You so much for all your support. Thanks for all the things we know you have done, and all the things we may never find out you have supported us with.

Marie McKinney
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