NEC Monthly Meet: Unpresidented Partnership for ARTISTS

NEXT NEC Monthly MEETING OCT 3 10am-1pm AT RIVERSIDE CHURCH MULTI-PURPOSE ROOM 91 CLAREMONT one block west of 120 St and Broadway : Creative Brainstorming.  Find out what Artist Service Organizations have to offer artists when they begin to operate as small business does.

Free valuable  gifts to the first 5 to arrive. NEC Alums, NEC workshop participants, Performing and Visual Artists, Directors,  Writers, Tech Professionals come design new projects and programs. NEC Rep members are finding how powerful it is to work as a group in partnership with a powerful nonprofit network.


Quester Hannah AEA SAG NEC Rep member Currently in Top Dog Underdog by Susan Lori-Parks at New Horizon Theatre, Pittsburgh.

When Douglas Turner Ward, Gerald Krone and Robert Hooks founded The Negro Ensemble Company in 1967 it was amidst changing, turbulent times.The antiwar movement, the rise of feminism, the Civil Rights Movement, Hispanic and Chicano Movement, counter-culture and social revolution dominated the decade known as “The Sixties.”

NEC’s debut set the standard for black theatre in America. A standard that we are struggling to maintain in this new millennium.  Over forty years have passed since NEC’s inaugural production at the St. Mark’s Playhouse.

Ironically, the times remain turbulent. We are still enmeshed in a costly war, racial unrest appears to have gotten worse and we are still in the throes of a debilitating recession.  Once again the stage is set for NEC to meet this challenge.

On September 12, 2009 The Negro Ensemble Company’s  resident acting company, NEC Rep, led by NEC instructor Marie McKinney gathered at The Riverside Church

for their initial meeting. On my way to the meeting I thought about how fortunate we are to be affiliated with such a magnanimous theater company as NEC.

This meeting of the NEC Rep had all the makings of the birth of greatness. Young artists hungry for expression and searching for an outlet to release our creativity. Just like it was back in the Sixties.

Could this be the rebirth of that same movement

that led to such grand success? It sure felt like it!

Actors,playwrights, producers, rappers, filmmakers, many

people gathered in one room focused on one cause; to bring NEC Rep to the threshold of greatness! We have set the stage

for displaying our gifts for the whole world to experience. So, let them experience who we are. Let them marvel at our wonderful and various talents.

Let them be in awe as we push towards and exceed our own expectations. Let us, let our lights shine; so we can illuminate this planet, this galaxy, this universe. Let’s create heaven on earth so we all can share in the joy of creating theater that will impact the world!

We have already begun this mission. There is no turning back now.

It will be a challenge but with the help of our ancestors and God’s favor we can and will triumph. It happened to three  people in 1967. It can happen  to handful in 2009. It’s our time!

Your Brother in the Theater

Quester Hannah