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Rehearsals to mount the world premiere of A Lovely Malfunction, by Shontina Vernon, begin on August 24, 2015. The cast originally featured BeBe Drake, with Edena Hines in the role of Evie. The company awoke on Sunday to the horrific announcement that Edena Hines had been tragically murdered. As the news spread, shock, sadness and condolences to the family began pouring in to the office of NEC.


Edena recently joined NEC in the cast of the reading of A Photograph: Lovers In Motion, April 12, 2015 at The Pershing Square Signature Center. She instantly distinguished herself as a talented, blossoming performer making fast friends with ease. NEC was excited to continue to work with Edena Hines. Respectfully, we wish to express our grief to the family, friends, and loved ones she left behind.  Morgan and edena


From BeBe Drake, Featured in A Lovely Malfunction: “We were all looking forward to beginning A Lovely Malfunction when the painful news was released. Though I did not know Edena Hines, she had garnered the reputation of being a fine actress. Speaking as an NEC Board Member, I know Edena withstood NEC’s struggles to mount this new play (several postponements due to funding shortages) with grace. I was very much looking forward to meeting Edena. It is with great sadness we all grapple with the realization that Edena will not be present. Morgan Freeman, Edena’s grandfather, and I met some time ago. To Morgan, I am so very sorry for your loss. I have experienced the hurt of losing a loved one. I know the feeling all too well. Please GOD, may Edena rest in peace! My heart is heavy for her and your entire family.”


Charles Weldon, NEC Artistic Director said, “Although I have known Morgan Freeman, Edena’s grandfather for many years; having worked with him in film and on stage, I had not had the chance to meet Edena. I enjoyed her work in our reading of A Photograph: Lovers In Motion in April. I was looking forward to watching her growth in our production of A Lovely Malfunction.”


From Ifa Bayeza, Director of A Photograph: “I can’t get my mind around such a bright light not being there or that such a joyous spirit could be subjected to such cruelty and pain…her wonderfulness touched us all.”


Karen Brown, Executive Director, had this to say; “I met Edena at the first rehearsal for A Photograph and was immediately impressed by her confidence, her talent and her bubbling personality. Edena did not work to be noticed.   Instead, her gift resonated throughout announcing her undeniable presence. I believed she belonged in our upcoming production and she agreed. She was a joy to work with and watch on stage. We at NEC are desperately searching to understand the loss of such a promising talent and such a magnificent and extraordinary human being. Our hearts and prayers go out to her family, loved ones and friends.”