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with Charles Weldon, Mariann Aaida, Bette Howard, Kim Weston-Moran, Marie McKinney

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The NEC  gives professional actors a unique opportunity to create partnerships with other high caliber performers through consecutive, low cost, 10-12 session training workshops, shows, showcases…


Charles Weldon, Leslie Lee and Laurence Holder with NEC Repertory participants moderator Marie McKinney
Charles Weldon, Leslie Lee and Laurence Holder with NEC Repertory participants moderator Marie McKinney

An Actor’s Testimony:

It was a great honor to work with Marie McKinney – she is a well of information: historical facts. literature, theater, grants, voice, movement…  like coming across a “rare groove” when that groove hits you for the first time, it stays with you a long time. Really powerful stuff, with a lot of layers drama/comedy/accents! She is very in touch with how to develop strong characters .I gained a lot of knowledge and confidence in her class, and I had it inside of me the whole time, but she helped bring it out.I was a little green to the whole classical theater that the NEC is famous for. Marie is a very strong actress herself so there are a lot of gems you get just by listening when she speaks.”      Kymbali Craig in Film Low Low, Bailey’s Cafe, The Passage: Stories of the MAAFA, below


Marie McKinney-Director of Negro Ensemble Company Education Dept. and NEC Monthly Meet Facilitator

Call 347-560-3312 or Email: for appt.

NEC Repertory is a department of Negro Ensemble Company

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The Negro Ensemble Company is a New York City-based theater company. Established in 1967 by playwright Douglas Turner Ward, producer/actor Robert Hooks, and theater manager Gerald Krone.  The mission of the Negro Ensemble Company, Inc. (NEC) is to provide professional and budding artists of African descent with the opportunity to learn, work, grow and be nurtured in the performing arts; and to provide live theatre by and/or about black people to a culturally diverse audience.

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Notable alumni

Mary AliceJohn AmosAngela BassettAvery BrooksCharles BrownAdolph CaesarL. Scott CaldwellGodfrey CambridgeRosalind CashBill Cobbs O. L. DukeJudyann ElderGiancarlo EspositoAntonio FargasLaurence FishburneAl Freeman, Jr.David Alan GrierMoses GunnJackée HarrySherman Hemsley Kene HollidaySamuel L. JacksonErik KilpatrickCleavon LittleMarcella LoweryDebbi MorganGarrett MorrisDenise NicholasRoscoe OrmanPhylicia Rashad Larry RileyRoxie RokerEsther RolleRichard RoundtreeCotter SmithClarice TaylorDenzel WashingtonLynn WhitfieldVictor WillisHattie WinstonYaya DaCosta

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